Look Again: The ACM Collection Inspires the Boston Printmakers

Art Complex Museum Exhibition, Duxbury, Massachusetts

May 17 – September 6, 2015

DeAnn Prosia Newtown CT "Harlem - 125th Street Station", 2014 Intaglio etching 8 3/4" x 11 3/4"
DeAnn Prosia
Newtown CT
Trying to visually capture New York City, or any city, can be difficult. It is one thing to capture the city from the eyes of a tourist, but to capture it from the eyes of the people who actually live and work there is something quite different. Seeing Sidney Hurwitz’s etching, “Central Artery,” inspired me to look closer at the industrial forms that make up the city environment. My focus changed from city scenery to the manmade structures built to help the citizens who live there. I came in contact with the Harlem – 125th Street Station on a cold rainy day while rushing to catch the train. The beautiful lines and massive weight of the station caught my attention.